Semi Frameless Shower Enclosures

Semi frameless glass shower enclosures feature a decorative header, which is a single metal frame that is fastened to two walls and secures the glass shower enclosure and door firmly. As seen in the examples on this page, the single header frame is positioned across the top of the shower enclosure and features a frameless shower door.

The shower enclosure header frame comes in any popular bathroom finishes providing an additional accent to enhance the flow your bathroom.

In fact, many repeat customers who chose frameless enclosures originally, have replaced them with the beauty and durability of the semi frameless shower enclosure.

semi frameless shower door
semi frameless shower enclosure

Especially striking in large bathrooms, we can match the metal header on a semi-frameless enclosure with the finish of the shower door handle, hinges and other hardware as well as the shower faucets.

Another significant benefit of the semi frameless shower enclosure is cost savings.

semi frameless shower doors
semi-frameless shower enclosure